Each photo is a separate wedding or photo shoot. Enjoy!

chloe and joe, married!

here’s a fun three part blog post!! i got to spend a thursday, friday and then saturday with this beautiful,View full post »

molly and pat, married!

loved getting to spend the day with this hilarious and SUPER fun couple. thanks so much for having me!View full post »

stephen and liz, married!

I LOVE THESE TWO PEOPLE SO MUCH. so thrilled to stand next to you all on you special day, as well as capture it all.View full post »

geoff and emily, married!

i don’t even know what to say… emily and geoff are so dear to me. i love them with all my heart. and it wasView full post »

tucker and ryan, engaged!

two beautiful human beings, inside and OUT (obviously). so excited to walk through this journey with you, and honoredView full post »

layson and brett, married!

gosh, best most fun couple ever. i was so honored to get to capture your day!! hope you love your photos.View full post »

baby clay, 2.0

my nephew is the sweetest, cutest little buddy there ever was. here’s a few pictures of him.View full post »

maddi and brandon, married!

it was such a blessing for you two to come into our lives right at this perfect time! i loved getting to be there toView full post »

hope and kevin, married!

this couples’ love shines so bright. it was incredible getting to witness the covenant that they made to oneView full post »

hadley and adam, married!

thank you SO much for allowing me to be a part of your day. you two were amazing, and I truly felt like I was part ofView full post »

brittany and jason, married!

hey y’all, my blog posts are going to start being a little bit shorter now to not bog down everything. qualityView full post »

monica and david, married!

monica and david were such a fun, loving couple to get to spend the day with. thank you so much for allowing me toView full post »

luke and ally, married!

what a beautiful and joyous day… the love of Jesus is bursting out of this couple! it was such an honor gettingView full post »

brenda and mike, married!

this day was one of the best, most fun days of my life! i truly have never felt more a part of a group of people whoView full post »

monica and david, engaged!

we had SO much fun shooting with these two beautiful humans in one of our favorite cities ever. Chicago!! thanks forView full post »

janah and luke, married!

janah and luke, i have loved getting to know you all over the past 3 months. it has been incredible. your all’sView full post »

paul and elizabeth, married!

two of my favorite humans in the entire world. liz, you were absolutely gorgeous. i loved getting to be a part of yourView full post »

jessica and taylor, engaged!

what an awesome beautiful couple. cannot WAIT for their big day. hope you all enjoy the photos!View full post »

danielle and chris, married!

i don’t have words for this day. what an emotional, BEAUTIFUL wedding. and such a fun loving couple to work with.View full post »

martha anne and david, married!

two of my favorite human beings ever! i’m so thankful that i was able to be in this wedding as well as take theView full post »

anna and tyler, married!

wow!! what an awesome day. there is always one part of each wedding specifically that just stands out to me, and forView full post »

jake and troi, married!

these two, when they get together, are magnetic. it’s amazing, and I loved getting to be there for your big day.View full post »

devin and andrew, married!

wow. I’m actually horrible when it comes to typing words out but I have to say something. what a massive honor itView full post »

alex and maggie, married!

maggie and alex, what an amazing wedding! thank you so much for having me be involved, and i can’t wait hang outView full post »

courtney and adam, married!

though it may have been the hottest day of the year so far, it also was one of the most fun days i’ve ever had. iView full post »

aspen and eric, married!

such a great day for photos…. aspen and eric are both incredible people, as well as all of those that surroundView full post »

emily and dylan, married!

what an AMAZING day. wow. some of the most fun i have ever had at a wedding – thanks so much emily and dylan forView full post »

taylor and patrick, married

what a beautiful day that i got to be a part of! so happy for this couple and the love that they share. thank you soView full post »

ryan and leah, married!

i was so honored when these two ask me to take photographs at their wedding. i have known ryan and leah since highView full post »

jenna and seth, engaged!

for being “awkward” you two sure are photogenic. i think it’s because you all make each other laughView full post »

ian and hannah, married!

loved getting to spend the day with this awesome couple. and it was probably the most beautiful day of the year so far.View full post »

jake and troi, engaged!

LOVE. LOVE. LOVED getting to spend the afternoon with this couple. they are hilarious and beautiful and love Jesus.View full post »

tyler and anna, engaged!

love these humans. so much. hope you all enjoy the photos. can’t wait for august 24th!!View full post »

travis and erin, engaged!

first date at waffle house = my kind of couple. enjoy the photos!View full post »

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

let me introduce to you Hudson. he’s one of the best people alive. I’m so very thankful and honored to getView full post »

my nephew, Clayton James Nolan

these photos are for my friends and family to see Clay an hour after he was born! enjoy.View full post »

andrew and devin, engaged!!

i couldn’t say enough about these two. literally some of the best people on this earth. i’m so excited thatView full post »

reece and pam, married!

i LOVE winter weddings. this was easily the coldest wedding i have ever shot, but i loved every second of it. youView full post »

trinity and ben, engaged!

loved getting to meet this two and take their photos… even though it was the coldest day of my life. hope youView full post »

andrew and lindsey, married!

there isn’t enough good things to say about this awesome couple. i have loved getting to know them over the pastView full post »

austin and matt, engaged!

loved getting to spend the afternoon with these two! it was great getting to know you all, and i’m lookingView full post »

brent and melissa, married!

what a JOY it was getting to know these two! i have never felt so immediately welcomed into the family and groupView full post »

abbye and chris, married!

i loved this quirky but elegant nighttime wedding! had so much fun getting to know these two. hope you all love yourView full post »

dylan and emily, engaged!

another BEAUTIFUL fall shoot. loved getting to spend this afternoon with you surrounded by the awesome smells ofView full post »

martha anne and david, engaged!

david and martha are two of our closest friends. i love you all! thanks for asking me to do this and i hope you enjoyView full post »

lindsay and jesse, engaged!

loved getting to spend the whole day with these two and their beautiful puppies! hope you enjoy your photosView full post »

kelsea and will, married!

i’ve been friends with kelsea since she first came to school in Lexington. she’s so awesome, and her joy isView full post »

aspen and eric, engaged!

i loved getting to spend the afternoon and night with these two getting to know them, and hear about their story. theyView full post »

michael and kim hamilton, married!

what to say about these two amazing people… it has be SO fun getting to know you all. you’re all’sView full post »

ryan and leah, engaged!

i have had the honor to know this couple since we were all in high school together. it’s been super rad gettingView full post »

traveling with a camera

i have been ridiculously blessed to get hired out by various missions organizations to go photograph and shoot videoView full post »

becca and thomas, married!

i have been ridiculously blessed by becca’s friendship. she is one of my oldest, and best friends still to thisView full post »

brent and megan, married!

i love getting to by friends with this incredible couple. megan, you’re such a beautiful woman of God with theView full post »

sam and lauren coons, married.

a beautiful winter wonderland wedding. View full post »

carrie and jeremy, married!!!!!!

i love these two and their heart for God! beautiful ceremony and beautiful reception. thanks for letting me be a partView full post »

brian and mariah dern, married!

loved to be a part of this beautiful day with these beautiful people. mariah has the best laugh/smile in the world andView full post »

adam and anna, married!

two beautiful people on one of the best snowy days ever… such a photogenic scene. in Newark, New Jersey.View full post »

stylized wedding shoot!

this was a beautiful stylized wedding shoot designed by Suzy VanDyke of Lukas and Suzy VanDyke. she had us come downView full post »

chase and olivia, married!

i met olivia probably 5 years ago at CSF and thought she was awesome immediately. so glad to have been friends with youView full post »

kelsea and will, engaged!

love these two people and our spontaneous photo shoot downtown! they have beautiful hearts and kelsea’s laugh isView full post »

caroline and dave, married!

love these two people and their beautiful hearts for Jesus. glad to have had a 20 minute mini-session with them. (:View full post »

joseph and mccall thacker, married!

i have loved growing closer to this couple through getting to photograph special moments in their lives. it has trulyView full post »

olivia and chase, engaged!

best couple ever! loved the adventure we went on for this photo shoot and looking forward to so many more in theView full post »

kim and michael, engaged!

love these two people so much! thanks for sharing you peanut butter cake with me… can’t wait for the big day!View full post »

the love family!

it’s so awesome having the blessing of knowing ryan and nicole for as long as i have. connor is so sweet, andView full post »